At Ginger shop we are looking for people passionate about fashion, new trends, social networks and, above all, creativity. If you share your outfits and looks with our products, we would love to reward you for helping us communicate our values ​​and philosophy. We'll pay you for it! Join our ambassador program and start earning money while sharing your love for Bamba with the world.

How to do it?

  1. Write to us at h Olaginger and tell us why you would like to be our ambassador, send us your personal information and a social network where we can see your talent and creativity.

  2. You will receive a personalized coupon for all your followers and friends and a very special one for you. In addition to all the clothes you will receive for being our ambassador, you will also have VIP discounts for extra clothes you want.

  3. Share your Coupon with your followers and friends and start earning money with every sale you make.